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Session 9, 2001

Why Session 9 is One of the Smartest Horror Films of the Last 15 Years

[soliloquy id=”1613″] It’s hard to believe that Brad Anderson’s Session 9 is almost fifteen years old. Many of the horror films from the era in which it was made have not stood the test of...

Review: Proxy

[soliloquy id=”15074″] The filmmakers responsible for Proxy have described it as a spiritual successor to Rosemary’s Baby, which is an incredibly bold statement that one cannot make withou...

movie lovely molly reviewed by nicola odeku.

Lovely Molly- A Deep-Rooted Demon

[soliloquy id=”1396″] I found Lovely Molly really quite compelling. It’s a good psychological horror and drama that gets your brain ticking. Brought to us by one of the guys that gave us T...