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puppet master #19

Comic Review: Puppet Master #19

Puppet Master continues to provide a near-impossible balance of tying together even the most far afield holes in continuity, keeping incredibly faithful to everything that has come before, while also ...

Puppet Master Halloween

Comic Review: Puppet Master: Halloween 1989

The second full year of the Puppet Master comic book series means we’re treated to another Puppet Master Halloween Special. These two comics are so far the only standalone stories apart from the ongoi...

Puppet Master - No Strings Attached: Nine Puppet Master Movies That Never Happened - Blade in Puppet Master

Comic Review: Puppet Master #10

Puppet Master #10 really kicks this current story arc into high gear. Many plot points that were teased in the previous issues are revealed here, including what happened to Camille—the fan-favorite ch...

puppet master #19

Comic Review: Puppet Master #9

This issue of Puppet Master really jumps in with both feet after establishing a new set of characters and a new status quo in the previous issue. It’s also scarier, much more unnerving and has shown a...

Puppet Master: The Comic Series - Shawn Gabborin

Shawn Gabborin on the Puppet Master Comic Series [Exclusive]

Action Lab is a publisher on the rise and Shawn Gabborin is at the forefront of that. Having previously written comics like Fracture and Snowed In, Gabborin now writes Puppet Master. Based on the high...

Puppet Master: The Comic Series - Shawn Gabborin

Comic Review: Puppet Master #5

Issue #4 of the ongoing Puppet Master comic book promised big changes for the franchise. In fact, it promised to spin the entire mythology on its head by taking the puppet characters we’ve loved over ...