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10 Years After Its Release, Dead Snow Packs a Gory, Seriously Satisfying Punch

Dead Snow is the perfect movie for our times, which is kind of crazy considering it came out a decade ago this week. Those of us old enough to remember when N*zis were just a school subject, rather th...

Why Ghostbusters 2 is Actually Kind of Awesome

Ghostbusters 2 gets a lot of hate. I mean, it’s gotten hate for the past thirty years. And yeah, as you could tell by the title, I’m here to explain to you why Ghostbusters 2, the black sheep of the f...

Black Sunday

How Modern Horror is Still Borrowing from Black Sunday

There are a select few directors who immediately come to mind when fans across the world think of Italian horror. While the country has produced so many of the most amazingly talented filmmakers, Dari...

Martin Remains Unparalleled in its Portrayal of Vampires

George Romero had stated a couple of times that Martin was what he felt to be the best, most complete and closest to his original vision of all of his films. Yet even now it remains one of his most un...

Halloween II 2009

White Horse Whisperer: Why Zombie’s Halloween II is (Almost) a Masterpiece

There aren’t many horror films that are more immediately divisive than Rob Zombie’s remakes of Halloween and Halloween II. Some people love them more than the original—I don’t agree, but I get that. F...

Event Horizon

Event Horizon is the Purest Space Horror Since Alien

So, let’s be honest right out of the gate: Paul W.S. Anderson is not known for making great movies. He is, absolutely, known for making fun movies. The Resident Evil flicks are pure popcorn entertainm...


Panic at the Theater: How Demons Reimagined Meta Horror

In the 1980s, the horror genre experienced immense cultural backlash. Parents groups, religious groups, critics and especially censorship committees fought back against the genre as hard as they could...

Seed of Chucky

Family Matters: Defending Seed of Chucky (Sort of)

The greatest thing about the Child’s Play franchise can also be one of the most alienating things to fans, and that’s the fact that every entry is a completely different kind of movie than the last. T...

pet sematary - Unearthed & Untold

Why Pet Sematary Still Doesn’t Get the Recognition it Deserves

Stephen King fans tend to come down pretty hard on film adaptations of the author’s work. Some of them just don’t think any movies are worthy of his literary work and they certainly have the right to ...

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