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Saturday Mournings

Dick Dastardly, as seen in Wacky Races.

Saturday Mournings: Wacky Races

First broadcast from late 1968 to early 1969, Wacky Races was Hanna-Barbera’s answer to films like It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and The Great Race—an all-star cast of characters mad-dashing and sla...

Featured image for Archie's Weird Mysteries

Saturday Mournings: Archie’s Weird Mysteries

Archie Comics were always among the most wholesome form of four-color entertainment. It was the red-headed kid next door getting into goofy and harmless trouble with his pals in the small town of Rive...

Toxic Crusaders

Saturday Mournings: The Toxic Crusaders

In 1984, the folks at Troma released The Toxic Avenger, a rude, crude, and over-the-top take on the superhero genre done up in what would become their signature style. Some people love Troma films, wh...

Garbage Pail Kids: The Animated Series

Saturday Mournings: Garbage Pail Kids Cartoon

Saturday Mournings is a recurring segment on Wicked Horror where we revisit some of the greatest horror-inspired cartoons from years past. In this installment, we’re taking a fond look back at a...