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Real-life crimes blamed on movies

These Seven Movies Were Blamed for Real-Life Crimes

Horror movies are frequently blamed for any number of things. People say that something has to be wrong with somebody who watches horror. The movies are even blamed for violence in general. If violent...

High Tension

Eight of the Most Effective Plot Twists in Horror

Everyone loves a good plot twist. We like to be taken on a ride when we go to the movies. The suspense, the build-up, we like not knowing something, but we also love to guess. I think that’s part of w...

Scoring Terror: Composer Charlie Clouser Discusses Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures’ Saw franchise has hit two major milestones with the release of Spiral: From the Book of Saw. It is the 6th Saw film to be #1 at the box office and the franchise has als...

Five Horror Directors That Made the Jump to Superhero Movies

We horror fans love our directors. Perhaps more than fans of any other genre, we view them as larger than life superstars, and we follow their careers intently. We look back at their past work with wi...

Dating Anxiety Condemned By The Catholic Church - 'Carrie' (1976) Michele Eggen's Top 5 Films to Watch on Halloween - Carrie

Five Horror Villains You Actually Want to Succeed

Most horror movies follow a pretty tried-and-true formula: The villain is evil and their victims are good. We aren’t supposed to want the villain to win. We’re supposed to want them to be thwarted in ...

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Seven Horror Movies Almost Ruined by Their Own Hype

I love getting excited for movies, I love when horror flicks become popular and impact the cultural zeitgeist. That’s something that should always be celebrated. It’s a good thing when a horror f...

Saw Gamechanger: The Legacy of Saw - Jigsaw

Saw is Coming Back Courtesy of… Chris Rock!?

Well, it worked for Jordan Peele… Surprising news dropped today that the seemingly never-ending Saw series, which had 50 billion entries at last count, is set to come back from the dead. Again. ...

Saw Gamechanger: The Legacy of Saw - Jigsaw

Jigsaw Has More in Common with the Saw Sequels than the Superior Original Film

Saw was brutally simple, spending much of its runtime in a small room with two men chained to opposite walls with a corpse between them. A saw, and a way out: Cut off your foot if you want to live. Th...

New on Netflix

New on Netflix: October 13th, 2017

New on Netflix is a weekly feature here at Wicked Horror where we take a look at the latest additions to everyone’s favorite streaming service. It can be tough sifting through all those horror titles,...

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