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A Brief History of Meta Horror - Scream - Witty Horror movies as funny as they are scary

Here’s What Most Fans Don’t Understand About Scream

I love the Scream movies, as many fans do. I don’t think Scream, as a franchise, is necessarily divisive, but I do think that both the people who do and don’t like it are passionately vocal. But one o...

A Brief History of Meta Horror - Scream - Witty Horror movies as funny as they are scary

Top Five Demands for Scream 5 (If it Ever Happens)

Scream 5 may never happen, and to be honest, I’m perfectly fine with that. Wes Craven helmed all four previous films and he’s gone, so it would feel a little weird to just pick up as if nothing had ha...

horror on TV 2015 - Scream

Scream Recap: Episode 8

Welcome back to our weekly Scream recap. Just a reminder, for those who have not yet seen the episode or last week’s episode, we’ll be jumping into pretty major spoilers right off the bat....

Neve Campbell. Ti West. Character videos - MTV Scream series. Scream Television Series

MTV’s Scream Series Debuts First Trailer Announces Premiere Date

We recently revealed a first look at the logo (pictured below) for the new MTV Scream series and also told you we would be giving you a first look at the show and an exact date for the premiere. As pr...

Is It Just Me Or Is Scream 3 A Decent Sequel?

In this new, monthly series, a Wicked Horror writer presents an unpopular opinion about a particular genre offering and asks the oft-repeated question, “Is it just me?” In this installment, Joey Keogh...

Randy in Scream

Scream is a Post-Modern Meta Slasher [Retrospective]

Scream sees a killer taunting victims with ominous phone calls. Among the harassed are Sydney Prescott and her friends. The madman sports a menacing mask and fancies testing his victims’ knowledge of ...

All the movies from the scream franchise by Wes craven in where a ghostface killer terrorizes a town.

‘Scream’ TV Series on MTV Details

It is rumored that Wes Craven may be directing the MTV television production series based on the popular ‘Scream‘ films. And apparently, according to TV Line, casting has begun! They go on...

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