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Shawn Ashmore in Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls is Like a Cop Movie Written By a Bot [Review]

Darkness Falls is a terrible title for a ghost story set in a town called Darkness Falls. It’s an even worse title for this, a gritty police procedural that features the reliably brilliant Shawn...

Frightfest 2017 Review: Devil’s Gate

With a title like Devil’s Gate, we pretty much know exactly what we’re in for, right? Except this juicy little kitchen sink thriller is precisely not what you, I, or anyone else is expecti...

Poster for Adam Green's 2010 film Frozen.

Frozen Review – Adam Green’s Elemental Horror Thriller

[soliloquy id=”4013″] Parker, Joe, and Dan take to the mountain for some fun in the snow in the Adam Green horror-thriller Frozen. Rather than pay the going rate for lift tickets, the youn...