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Camp Twilight

Camp Twilight is a Must-See, Slasher Delight [Review]

Camp Twilight follows six senior high school students who have been given the opportunity to make up for their failing grades by taking a weekend camping trip to a place called Camp Twilight (obviousl...

Sleepaway Camp - Least Surprising Plot Twists - Seven Villains Who Need More Recognition - Sleepaway Camp as a Trans Narrative

The Pros and Cons of Sleepaway Camp as a Trans Narrative

I should start off this examination of the film by saying that I am not a trans individual and that this is only my understanding of both the merits and the problems of Sleepaway Camp and how it deals...

Sleepaway Camp II: Why Now is the Time to Make it a Cult Classic

When I saw the first Sleepaway Camp, which was a blind buy in college after hearing its reputation, I didn’t really have the option of seeing the sequels. They were out of print, but I did want to see...