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Why Teen Wolf May be the Greatest Basketball Movie Of All Time!

When one thinks of the greatest basketball films in the annals of cinematic history, a few come to mind. Hoosiers, Above the Rim, Coach Carter and Slam Dunk Ernest. Sadly, one of the best basketball m...

A scene from "Teen Wolf" (1985)

Five Reasons Why “Teen Wolf” (1985) is Totally Tubular!

Family friendly horror comedies are generally hit and miss — and the glut of ho-hum and just plain crappy sub-sub-genre offerings from the 1980s proves it. Wicked Stepmother, Haunted Honeymoon, My Bes...

Lon Chaney in Universal's famous werewolf movie The Wolfman from 1941,

Horror History: Werewolves on Film

Legends of werewolves have been around for centuries, and certain elements of the lore can even be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. That these stories have survived this long is proof...