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Bye Bye Man horror movie 2017.

In Defense of The Bye Bye Man (The Title, That is)

I haven’t seen The Bye Bye Man yet. I know the basic story and I’ve been spoiled on—I think—a few of the major beats, but I still haven’t seen it and don’t know terribly much about it other than it so...

Review: The Bye Bye Man Should Go Bye Bye

The title should have given it away. No movie with “bye bye” as part of its name could ever conceivably be scary, right? Not less one rated PG-13 (it was inexplicably elevated to a 16 in t...

The Bye Bye Man. The Weinstein Company logo.

Dimension Secures Worldwide Rights to The Bye Bye Man

The Weinstein Company’s genre film banner Dimension Films reached out today to share the news that they have picked up global distribution rights to the horror-thriller The Bye Bye Man. The pict...