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Pet Sematary Stephen King collection

The Stephen King 5-Movie Collection is a Great Deal if You Don’t Already Own the Films on Blu-ray [Review]

Paramount’s Stephen King 5-Movie Collection is now available on Blu-ray, and it contains a pretty great lineup. If you’re a King fan and you don’t already own the original Pet Sematary, its rema...

Why David Cronenberg Gets Heat for His Portrayal of Female Characters

David Cronenberg is one of the best directors that the horror genre has ever known. He burst onto the scene with Shivers, which was made for very little money. This was a statement against a conservat...

Why The Dead Zone Was a Surprise For Everyone Involved

The Dead Zone was made just as Stephen King adaptations were starting to become pretty hit or miss. People weren’t necessarily expecting each new movie taken from the author’s work to be a masterpiece...

Author Stephen King

Exploring the Top Five Unsung Stephen King Novels

In a recent article related to the upcoming release of Stephen King’s new novel, Revival, a poll asked viewers to rank the top ten best King novels. I was not at all surprised to see that the to...

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