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Monster Movies

Seven Stephen King Adaptations That Totally Nail the Author’s Style

Stephen King is a very cinematic writer, which has led him to be one of the most adapted authors in history. He tends to take a simple premise and let it unfold in a way that only he can. Many adaptat...

Night Flier - Criminally underrated Stephen king movies

Five Stephen King Movies that are Criminally Underrated

Stephen King has had more film adaptations than any other author. When people discuss movies based on his stories, they’re never referred to as horror or science fiction movies. They are simply ...

Mark Pavia

Exclusive Interview: Mark Pavia Talks Fender Bender

Mark Pavia emerged onto the horror scene with an extremely underrated, inventive, tongue-in-cheek Stephen King adaptation called The Night Flier. It was a low-budget but suspenseful take on the vampir...