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Poster for Nicholas McCarthy's At the Devil's Door.

DVD Review: At the Devil’s Door

[soliloquy id=”8259″] At the Devil’s Door follows Leigh, a successful, young real estate agent as she is tasked with selling a home with a very dark past. As Leigh begins to look into the ...

Five Great Horror Pictures that are Based on a Short

[soliloquy id=”4947″] A Lot of filmmakers get their start by making short films. Fede Alvarez was tapped by Sam Raimi to direct the Evil Dead remake based on his short film Panic Attack! F...

movie The Pact directed by Nicholas McCarthy.

The Pact is So Much More than Another Haunted House Movie

Directed and written by Nicholas McCarthy, his first full length feature The Pact is an interesting movie to say the least. It opens with Nicole (Agnes Bruckner) trying to put together funeral arrange...