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The Witch

Michele’s Top 5 Horror Films of 2016

Echoing the sentiment that has already been expressed by many, 2016 was a great year for horror. And more specifically, it was a great year for theatrical horror. I went to the theater more times in 2...

The Witch

10 Reasons 2016 Was A Great Year For Horror

2016 has been a peculiar year all round. Confusing, disappointing and, at times, downright scary. But one element that remained remarkably strong throughout was entertainment. In particular, it’...

Green Room Movie - starring Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart

Joey’s Top 5 Horror Movies Of 2016

It’s been a fantastic year for horror (if you disagree, watch more). From quiet, brooding little indies to a big-budget reboot that packed a serious punch, there’s never been a better time...

The Shallows

Has The Shallows Ushered In A New Era Of Sharksploitation?

As difficult as it is to be a slasher fanatic (particularly nowadays–eek), it’s even harder being obsessed with sharksploitation. I mean, there are very few movies to which the label truly...

The Shallows

Review: The Shallows is Light, Fun Summer Movie Fare

There are not enough shark movies; specifically, shark movies produced by major studios for wide release. Since Universal released the last Jaws sequel in 1987, the only big studio shark films have be...