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The Stuff is Food Horror at its Finest [Retrospective]

Larry Cohen is a filmmaker who just does not get the credit he deserves. His pictures are all too often labeled as B-Movies. But while they may be campy, it’s a very intentional camp. He has a unique ...

The Stuff

Four of the Strangest Non-Cronenberg Body Horror Films

David Cronenberg is undeniably the master of body horror, so much that the sub-genre has become synonymous with his name, even if he hasn’t directed a movie of this type in years. He will always be th...

They Live - Horror films that satirize Regan-era America

10 Horror Films That Satirize Reagan-America

When surveying history from a media-centric approach, it is too easy to fall prey to vast oversimplifications. In regards to horror cinema–-a genre that oftentimes sees fit to hold a mirror up to soci...

History of food industry horror. Poster for Larry Cohen's The Stuff.

You Are What You Eat: A History of Food Industry Horror

Horror has always had a relationship with food, believe it or not. Even when not focused on food and the food industry, some of the most basic monster stories from vampires to zombies are about the de...