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Amityville II

Why ‘Amityville II’ is the Most Effective of the Franchise

The Amityville Horror may be the most infamous haunted house movie ever made. It’s tied to a supposedly true story that may never be lived down. There are new documentaries and specials airing about i...

I’m Loving IT: Seven Best Moments from the 1990 Miniseries

In my excitement for the upcoming film adaptation of It, it has definitely appeared to some readers that I’ve come down pretty hard on the 1990 miniseries. But that simply comes out of my love of the ...

Halloween III Halloween Franchise - Great producing efforts by great directors - Halloween III - Tyler Doupe's Top Five. Zena's top five horror films to watch on Halloween. - Why the Halloween Franchise Keeps Rebooting (And Why That's a Good Thing)

Why Halloween III is Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day Viewing

Halloween III is far from the most beloved of its franchise, but it has gained quite a few new supporters in recent years. A lot of fans hate it for its lack of Michael Myers and for having a plot tha...