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House of Wax.

Fifteen Years Later, House of Wax Still Boasts Impressive Set Design and Great FX

House of Wax (2005) turns fifteen in April. So, what better time to take a look back at the oft-maligned slasher redux to determine if it deserves the hate that is so often thrown its way. For th...

PG Rated Horror

Five PG Horror Films That Should Have Been Rated R

These 5 PG-rated horror films were shockingly cleared for (almost) all audiences, despite pushing the envelope way beyond the confines of what is appropriate for impressionable audiences. Genre films ...

Poster for house.

Five More Horror Films You Might Not Have Seen but Should

[soliloquy id=”4181″] With studio horror films being kind of hit and miss, horror fans are often left to wade through a series of VOD and direct-to-DVD titles in an attempt to find quality...