Universal Monsters

Bride of Frankenstein

How Bride of Frankenstein Set the Template for Every Horror Sequel

Everyone has their favorite horror sequel. And, of course, everyone has their least favorite as well. Following up a classic can be incredibly difficult to pull off. The first problem is justifying wh...

Dracula Untold Cover art.

Why Universal’s Upcoming Monster Slate Is Doomed From the Start

It’s always been a dream of mine to one day see the Universal classic monsters return to dominate the screen. Van Helsing tried to do this, but failed spectacularly. The Mummy franchise brought one mo...

Dracula 1931

Why The Original Dracula Doesn’t Hold Up

The Universal monster movies are generally known to be part of the foundation of classic horror. There’s no real point in arguing this fact. While they are obviously dated and were made during a much ...

Poster art for Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein.

‘Young Frankenstein’ to receive 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Release

[soliloquy id=”7930″] Young Frankenstein will be receiving a blu-ray re-release in honor of the film’s 40th anniversary. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has the disc is set to st...

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