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Review: Kill Switch Is A Kickass, Sci-fi First Person POV That Sadly Fizzles Out

Kill Switch revolves around Will Porter (The Guest’s Dan Stevens) a physicist and former NASA pilot, who is recruited by the company Alterplex to aid their mission to change the world by providi...

The Dark Tapes - Five movies that should be on your radar

5 Movies that Should be on Your Radar

Anticipating release dates for horror films can be just as much fun as actually watching them. Ideally I would love to be the first in line at every horror movie premiere, or to be the first customer ...


Review: Lavender Is A Cerebral, Suspense-Filled Mystery With More Than Enough Twists And Turns To Satisfy

Lavender revolves around Jane (Abbie Cornish, Limitless, Sucker Punch), a photographer who is involved in a tense marriage with her husband Alan (Diego Klattenhoff, star of TV’s The Blacklist and Paci...

Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Debuts TWO Awesome New Posters

It’s kind of hard to believe that Suicide Squad is less than two months away from its theatrical release, considering the promotional machine seems to be in overdrive at the moment. The flick is...


Why People Are Afraid To Talk About The Ghostbusters Reboot

I absolutely love Ghostbusters. In fact, I think it’s pretty much a perfect movie. Even if you just look at the structure, there is not one scene that doesn’t need to be there. All of the fat is trimm...

Suicide Squad

First Look at the Cast of Suicide Squad in Costume

We have two new images from the highly anticipated DC super villain flick Suicide Squad. They come courtesy of the film’s writer director David Ayer on Twitter. One is a first look at the ensemb...

Stephen King’s IT set to Shoot Next Summer!

[soliloquy id=”14425″] I was introduced to the 1990 miniseries, IT, based on the novel by Stephen King, at the tender at of six. At the time my bedroom was clown themed. Two days later my ...

13 sin horror movie

13 Sins- Game Of Death

[soliloquy id=”8239″] 13 Sins, directed by Daniel Stamm, proves that there a very few things some people are not willing to do in exchange for money. Elliot Brindle (Mark Webber- Jessabell...

eli roth who is a successful producer of many horror, action and thriller movies and also starred in many too.

Eli Roth and Keanu Reeves In Knock Knock

[soliloquy id=”822″] Here’s an interesting pairing. Keanu Reeves and Eli Roth are doing a movie together, so reports Deadline. The film is being directed by Eli Roth and is called Kn...

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