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Behind the Mask

Seven Found Footage Movies That Don’t Get Enough Credit

Found footage movies generally get a bad rap. Many viewers complain about them, pointing out how overused and terrible the format is when, in reality, the found footage craze is, for all intents and p...

VHS 2 banner

Why V/H/S/2 Outdoes the First

Hearing about it for the first time, I was fairly certain that V/H/S was going to be an impossible movie for me not to like. One, it was bringing back the anthology, which ranks high among my favorite...

VHS 1 & 2

V/H/S 1 & 2 – Tapes Of Terror

[soliloquy id=”584″] Now I’d like to speak about both films, as personally, I loved them and I cannot mention just one without the other, so lets start with the first: V/H/S-  I̵...