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Five VHS Era Female Directed Horror Films You Should Have Rented

Five Female Directed VHS Horror Films You Should Have Rented

The rise of the video store was a treasure trove for genre fans, and the nostalgia for VHS horror has spawned everything from documentaries detailing the primarily independent industry that helped lin...

Survival Skills Nightstream Film Festival Review

Survival Skills Is A Meta Mix Of VHS Visuals And The Systemic Nature Of Violence [Nightstream Film Festival Review]

Survival Skills opens with a nostalgic analog aesthetic, which will be familiar to those who’ve watched 2019’s VHYes, the television work of comedians Tim & Eric, or any number of Adul...

Prince of Darkness 1987

Nostalgia in the Aisles: What Made Video Stores so Special (And Why We Mourn Them)

As an avid connoisseur of film, as someone who lives and breathes cinema, Blu-ray is excellent. Films I thought that only I loved are getting the HD treatment I never thought they would get. Thanks to...