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Ivan Djurovic as Andre in It Watches

Review – It Watches

Director Dave Parker, known for his underrated 2009 film The Hills Run Red, and the awesome “Sweet Tooth” segment of Tales of Halloween, now brings horror audiences something much differen...

Funny or Die Presents: The Babadooks of Hazard

The Babadook is everywhere. It’s popping up all over year end top ten lists and continues to gain forward momentum. Now the film has caught the attention of the creative geniuses at Funny or Die...

DVD cover for Scott Schirmer's Found.

Found is a Visceral and Disturbing Journey [Review]

Found focuses on Marty, a seemingly normal fifth grader. He excels in school and stays out of trouble. But beneath the surface, there are a series of problems that are causing him to slowly unravel. H...