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Grave Encounters

Six Baffling, Unexplained Real-Life Paranormal Events

In the age of the Internet it’s easier to be skeptical than ever. That’s fair, too. It doesn’t necessarily mean that people are less open—although there are always some—it just means that everything i...

Jurassic Park dilophosaurus

Startling Examples of Dinosaurs Among Us

It’s commonly accepted that dinosaurs went extinct around 67 million years ago. There have been some wildly different theories as to the reason of the extinction. Some speculate that diseases were to ...

creepiest abandoned amusement parks

Seven of the Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks Hiding in the US

People have a fascination with abandoned places. Haunted houses, hospitals, institutions, etc. all make our collective imaginations run wild. Anything run down, dilapidated is exciting to look at. But...