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Halloween, Ginger Snaps - A Look Back at the Best and Worst of Early 2000's Horror

Ginger Snaps is an Essential Feminist Horror Movie

Through most of history, werewolf stories and films were pretty aggressively male. They were about secret urges, hidden primal instincts. The Wolf Man is a great example of this. Larry Talbot is a man...

Crying Wolf

Win a Copy of Crying Wolf on DVD!

Wicked Horror is back with another great giveaway opportunity for our loyal readers! This time we’ve partnered with Uncork’d Entertainment to give you a chance to win a copy of the werewolf film Cryin...

The Howling Sequels

A Viewing Guide to the Howling Series

The Howling franchise sounds great on paper. It really seems like common sense for there to be a long-lived and successful werewolf series. Add in an anthology format and it’s almost a no-braine...