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Roman (Bill Skarsgard) on Eli Roth's Hemlock Grove.

Hemlock Grove is Coming to an End in 2015

Netflix has ordered a third season of their horror series Hemlock Grove from production company Gaumont International Television. The VOD content provider has announced that the series third season &#...

Wer – Howling Horror DVD Release

William Brent Bell’s modern day werewolf horror Wer will be released to DVD in September! Wer is 2013 American horror released in Japan on November 16, 2013 and was released to VOD in the United...

Poster for BC Furtney's Werewolf Rising.

Werewolf Rising Gets a DVD Release Date

[soliloquy id=”7785″] Werewolf Rising is poised to hit DVD September 8th. The film is written and directed by BC Furtney (Do Not Disturb). It stars Bill Oberst Jr (Resolution), Danielle Lo...

Poster for the Lowell Dean film WolfCop.

‘WolfCop’ Lands U.S. Distribution

[soliloquy id=”7764″] WolfCop has finally secured U.S. distribution. The film has already played at Cineplex theaters across Canada and screened at a variety of film festivals. But until n...

Halloween, Ginger Snaps - A Look Back at the Best and Worst of Early 2000's Horror

Five Werewolf Movies That Broke the Mold

Werewolves never seem to get the cinematic treatment they deserve, not in the way that vampires or zombies do at least. But they live in a larger sub-genre than they are given credit for. Stories abou...

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