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Big Legends heroes listen - 5 bigfoot films

Five Bigfoot Films that Leave a Deep Impression (and Four That Missed the Mark)

Lob a stick at streaming services, and it will land on five Bigfoot films. Whether or not Bigfoot is imaginary, the tall apelike creature offers filmmakers brand-name recognition with public domain pr...

Five Fierce Found Footage Flicks

Let’s face it, found footage lost its edge roughly twenty seconds after the release of its seminal feature, The Blair Witch Project. However, that didn’t stop every opportunistic wannabe a...

Harry from Harry and the Hendersons

Horror History: The Cinematic Sasquatch

Large, lumbering, hairy hominids that reside in wilderness areas and are rarely seen by human eyes. They are the stuff of myth and local legend, and although they were sometimes referred as “wildmen” ...