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Wolfman's Got Nards

Wolfman’s Got Nards Rules So Hard [Frightfest 2018 Review]

How would you define a cult movie? Is it something like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which found legions of fans thanks to years of playing as a midnight movie in the grungiest theatre in NYC? Or ma...


The Best Of Frightfest 2018

​2018 was an ostensibly weird year for Frightfest. The coolest and best horror festival in the world (a scientific fact) didn’t manage to nab Halloween, Suspiria, or Mandy, three of the most obv...

Frightfest 2018 Lineup Includes Summer of 84, Puppetmaster: The Littlest Reich!

Frightfest is back for another blood-soaked year, its 19th(!), returning to home turf the Cineworld Leciester Square (formerly the Empire, RIP) and the illustrious Prince Charles Cinema (AKA the coole...