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Friday the 13th World War Z

New Friday the 13th Film Cancelled, World War Z 2 Delayed Indefinitely

Bad news for fans looking forward to seeing another installment in the Friday the 13th franchise and for anyone eagerly anticipating the planned sequel to World War Z. Paramount postponed release date...

Dawn of the Dead - alternate cuts

Why George Romero is Both Right and Wrong About Mainstream Zombies

Recently, George Romero said that he blames shows like The Walking Dead and blockbusters like World War Z for why he can’t find funding for a zombie project of his own anymore. His words caused an upr...

in defense of the remake - dawn of the dead

Zombie Movies and Humanity’s Fascination With a Post-Apocalyptic World  

Within the horror genre, there are a seemingly endless stream of zombie movies that take place in a post-apocalyptic world. Movies such as Dawn of the Dead and World War Z fantasize about a society in...

World War Z 2

Word War Z 2 Secures New Writer

After a bit of a pause in any noteworthy updates on the production of World War Z 2, we finally have something concrete to share with you. It seems the sequel has landed a new writer in Dennis Kelly (...

World War Z 2

World War Z Sequel Confirmed for Summer 2017

Good news for fans of the Brad Pitt starring World War Z: Not only has Paramount confirmed that a sequel to the 2013 blockbuster is in the works, in a slightly unorthodox movie, they have already reve...