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Horror In The Home: Excellent Examples of Horror Themed Furniture

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We all like to adorn our homes with things we like as we kick back and relax from the world.  After spotting the ridiculously badass Friday the 13th coffee table (see it below), Wicked Horror just had to see what other similar items we could find. From creepy tables and chairs, to spooky accessories and sofa coffins, there is a horror friendly version of nearly every home decor item out there. Halloween or not, celebrate your love for it all year round. These eerie designs are not only awesome, but creepy conversation pieces. Satisfy your inner serial killer-beast or demon with these wicked designs. Let us know your favorites in the comments box provided below!


Check out this one! A Friday the 13th coffee table based on The New Blood is one the coolest tables we have ever seen! Available by custom order at Slaughter FX. They go for $600 with a glass topper, and $500 without. I’m saving up the pennies as we speak.

jason voorhees friday the 13th coffee table.

friday the 13th coffee table.COFFIN CASE KNIFE RACK

An amazing place to keep the killing knives, I mean kitchen knives. Contact the guys here for prices and more info.

kitchen knives coffin rack stack.19TH CENTURY SKELETON DINING CHAIR

It made be a bit pricey but this rare skeleton dining chair is definitely a dinner party conversation piece. Available here for $24,000.skeleton dining chair.


The perfect lamps by which to get hooked on a blood stained book. Available as a wall lamp or table lamp for $219.00, you can get them here.

blood lamps perfect for reading those bloody novels.COFFIN SOFA

This Von Erickson sofa looks dead comfy, no pun intended. Grab it here for a cool $7,000 before it’s gone!

von erickson original coffin sofa.COFFIN COUCH

For eternal comfort and a dead cool place to relax, check out coffincouches.com for custom made designs.

coffin couches custom made sofas.


Call your freaky friends with this super cool oldskool rotary phone with a Beetlejuice theme. Available for $100 on Etsy.

beetlejuice rotary phone available on etsy.


Call upon the spirits with this super cool Ouija board table. Available here for $249.00, you may get a few nervous smiles when you invite friends round.

ouija board table availalbe on Etsy.


Place on your sofa or bed, just be careful with your movements with this cool Ouija board pillow. Only $28.00 , available here.

ouija board pillows.


Perfect for any The Walking Dead fan, this glass zombie corner table is a brilliant piece to have in the home. Available for $270.00 on Ebay.

glass zombie table.


Psycho inspired shower curtains to make bath time a bit more exciting. Only $28.00, down from $56.00 available at DrGrab.bloody shower curtains available at Dr Grab.


Tell the time wrong and there could be consequences! A definite conversation piece, this hang man clock is available on Etsy for $28.90.

hanged man wall clock.WOODEN SKELETON GARDEN CHAIR

Make BBQ even more cool with this wicked wooden skeleton chair. Another Esty listing available here for $149.00.wooden skeleton garden chair.


Although it’s not available to buy and was only part of an exhibition, this horrifyingly cool guts split open chair would definitely be somewhere different to sit.

bloody guts open chair.GLASS ALIEN COFFEE TABLE

It’s a bit pricey but this Alien movie inspired glass table would be an amazing piece for any home. Available $2249.99 at promechracing.

alien movie inspired glass table. FRANKENSTEIN CHAIR

This retro chair would be a scarily cool feature for any home. Available here for only $199.00.

frankenstein home chair.


Eat dinner Ed Gein style with this cool anatomical plate set available here for $41.77.

anatomical plate set.

Out of all the cool pieces above which would you love to have inside your home? Let us know in the comments box provided!

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