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Real Life Blood Suckers – Vampire Villains

Jonathon Rhys Meyers in the movie Dracula.

As the world gears up for Halloween with a number of Vampire costumes at the ready. lets look at some real life blood sucking villains.


Caius Veiovis, from Massachusetts in the US, has horns implated in his skull and 666 tattooed in the middle of his forehead. In 2000 Veiovis was convicted of a vampire-like assault in which a 16-year-old woman’s back was sliced open with a razor. He then licked the blood while kissing his girlfriend. The woman’s horrific injury needed 32 stitches. Veiovis, 19 at the time, was said to be involved in a Satanic sub culture and told police he was a vampire, spent more than seven years in jail for the crime.

In September 2014 Veiovis, 34, was given a life sentence for his part in the killing of three men. Along with two accomplices he kidnapped, murdered and then chopped up David Glasser, 44, Edward Frampton, 58, and Robert Chadwell, 47. At the murder trial Veiovis told the jury; “I will see you all in fucking hell!”

Mr Veiovis is known for a vampire like assault on a 16 year old girl and killing three men.


Mauricio Lopez found out that his niece, Mariella Mendez, was having an affair with Macario Cruz, who just happens to be married to Mendez’s sister. So on July 24, Lopez threatened to kill them both if they didn’t stop the affair, a warning they should have listened to.

He stabbed Macario Cruz in his heart and liver in front of Mendez and her four children. He then proceeded to fill a plastic cup with Cruz’s blood and drank it before fleeing the scene. Lopez remained free for three days until he tried to get a ride from a woman. The woman recognized him from wanted posters and he was quickly captured by police in Bartow, Florida.

Mauricio Lopez pleaded guilty to a second-degree murder charge and was sentenced to 20 years in prison and 5 years probation in the death of Macario Cruz.

A scorned family member goes on a vampire killing rampage.


British serial killer John George Haigh was dubbed the “Acid Bath Murderer” because of the way in which he disposed of his victims’ bodies.

Plagued by nightmares in which a mysterious figure offered him cups of the stuff, Haigh set about his five-year killing spree after being released from jail in 1943. When the former fraudster was arrested for the murder of six people in the 1940s, he had admitted that he also drank their blood.

On September 9, 1944, he lured former boss William Donald Mc-Swan to his flat in Kensington, west London, where he hit him over the head with a instrument. By his admission Haigh then: “Got a mug and took some from the neck, in his mug and drank it.” He dissolved McSwan’s body in a barrel of sulphuric acid. Haigh did the same after he killed McSwan’s parents, Dr Archibald Henderson and his wife Rose as well as wealthy widow Olive Durand-Deacon. Haigh was executed for his crimes in August 1949.

The acid bath murderer Mr John George Haigh.


German-born Manuela Ruda claimed that she first got a taste for blood with vampire cults in Britain. The 23 year-old said she had been introduced to “bite parties” in goth clubs in London and Edinburgh. Ruda even had two of her teeth replaced by animal fangs.

In 2001 Ruda married Daniel, 26, a car parts salesman who had advertised for a “princess of Darkness”. The pair wed in a ceremony with the bride dressed in black. Soon the creepy couple’s common blood lust led them to kill. They lured Daniel’s colleague Frank Hackett, 33, to their flat in Bochum, Germany. They stabbed him 66 times, then drained his blood and drank it from a bowl. Police found a pentagram carved in the corpse’s chest. The apartment also contained a coffin.

At their 2002 trail the pair said the devil had commanded them to do it. Ruda was given 13-years in a secure psychiatric unit and has since been released. Daniel was handed 15-years and is still behind bars.

Daniel and Manuela Ruda who claim themselves to be real life vampires.


On January 23, 1978, truck driver David Wallin, 24, of Sacramento, California, returned home to a horrific scene- his pregnant wife Teresa had been brutally murdered. The 22-year-old’s torso had been slit open. Most shocking of all, the killer had eaten some of her body parts and even used a yoghurt container as a cup with which to drink her blood.

The culprit was former mental patient Richard Trenton Chase, (now known as the vampire of Sacramento) who had drunk the blood of birds while institutionalized. He would go on to butcher not only Teresa but five others, including two children in a month-long violent rampage.

When police finally tracked Chase down to his flat they discovered a food blender containing blood residue and, inside his fridge, dishes containing human brain and body parts.

Richard Chase aka the Vampire killer of Sacramento.


Rod Ferrell, a member of the 30-strong group the ‘Vampire Clan’ based in Kentucky, told fellow-cultists that he was a 500-year-old vampire named Vesago. He came under police investigation after breaking into a dog rescue centre and killing some o the animals. Ferrell admitted to officers that cuts on his arms were part of vampire rituals.

Ferrell then began dating fellow vampire fan Heather Wendorf, 15. On November 25, 1996, Ferrell broke into Heather’s parents house with an accomplice and bludgeoned her dad, Richard, and mum, Ruth, to death. He left burn marks in the shape of a “V” on her father’s chest.

Ferrell went on the run with other members of his “coven”, was soon tracked down by the police and given a life sentence for murder in 1998.

Rod Ferrell from Kentucky is known for his vampire tendencies and was put away for killing his girlfriends mum and dad in 1996.


On October 21, 1989, factory worker Tracey Wiggington, her lover Lisa Maree Ptachinski, and two other women had been drinking in a bar in Brisbane, Australia, when they went looking for blood for Wigginton to “feed on”. Luring a tipsy Edward Baldock, 47, to a dark river bank with the promise of sex, Tracy, 24, stabbed him to death. She struck him 27 times with a hunting knife. She was later alleged to have drunk her victim’s blood.

When police found Edward’s half decapitated body, they also found Wigginton’s bank card in his shoe and arrested her. Two of the women present at the killing went to the police – they were said to be in the thrall of their “lesbian vampire leader”.

Wigginton pleaded guilty to the murder and was sentenced to life in prison in 1991. She was released on parole in 2012. Ptachinski, 24, was convicted of murder, and later released in 2008. Another of the women was given 18 years for manslaughter.

Lesbian Vampires.


When James Riva was 23 years old he shot and killed his handicapped grandmother while she sat in her wheel-chair. Riva then stabbed her several times in the heart. He then drank the blood that gushed from her wounds and set fire to her house to get rid of the evidence.

Riva claimed to be a 700-year-old vampire who needed to drink her blood, but claimed she was also a vampire and that she fed on him at night while he slept. He was convicted of second degree murder, arson, assault and battery. He was sentenced to life in prison on the murder charge, and ten to twenty years for the arson charge.

Self-labeled vampire who killed his own grandmother and drank her blood.


With a murder toll of at least 17, 32 year old Philip Oyancha confessed to Kenyan police that he had murdered and drunk the blood of his victims, supposedly as part of a cult ritual.

All Oyancha’s victims were women and children, and he claims to have committed his crime under the influence of evil “spirits” that made him thirst for blood. He stated that he attacked women because they were easier to subdue, saying; “When the urge comes, they are the easiest victims.” According to his confession, he was initiated into a blood cult by a female teacher who initiated him into ritual murder.

Philip Oyancha led police to the bodies of some of his victims, and claims to have been aiming to kill 100 people in total “My target was to kill 100 women. I managed 17 and there were 83 to go.”

The cult killer Mr Onyanchi who killed and drank the blood of your victims.


Marcelo de Andrade was the son of poor, Northeastern migrants and grew up in Rio de Janeiro’s Rocinha Slum. As a child, he was the victim of physical and sexual abuse and lived without running water. Around April, 1991, he began a killing spree that would last nine months and claim 14 victims, who were all poor young boys.

Marcelo raped all his victims and confessed to drinking their blood, claiming to have done so in order to “become as beautiful as them”. In his own declarations Marcelo claimed “I preferred young boys because they are better looking and have soft skin. And the priest said that children automatically go to heaven if they die before they’re thirteen. So I know I did them a favor by sending them to heaven”.

Marcelo de Andrade who killed a number of young boys and drank their blood.

Have you ever considered leading the Vampire lifestyle? (without the killing of course!) Do you know any self-labelled vampires? We’d love to hear about it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments box provided below!

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