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Tales Of Terror – Spooky True Ghost Stories

Real life ghost stories from around the world.

A true ghost story is always creepier than a made-up one. Read more below for some real-life ghost stories that could spook any skeptic. Let us know your thoughts in the comments box provided below!


The Village of Pluckley in Kent, England, is reputed to be the United Kingdom’s most haunted area – with at least 16 separate ghosts said to haunt the area.

In the Church o St Nicholas, strange sounds of knocking have been heard at night, with at least two spectral figures reported to stalk the graveyard.

The ghosts reported include the so callled “Screaming Man”, a ghoul which haunts the village’s old brickworks. The blood-curling cries that are heard are thought to be of a man killed after a wall fell on him.

Many people in Pluckley have also heard the ghostly sound of a coach and horses in the village. In 1997 one visitor heard it draw up outside his car window, but couldn’t see anything.

A woman driving through the village just after midnight on her way home from babysitting saw a ghostly coach with lights in its windows at a crossroads.

The spirit of the “Watercress Woman” is often seen standing at the Pinnock bridge. Local folklore has it that she is the ghost of an old woman who burnt to death when she fell asleep smoking a pipe.

Even drinks at the Black Horse pub aren’t safe from spooks. Regulars report glasses mysteriously falling off the shelves by themselves and dogs become curiously unnerved when they go inside the inn. It is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a child.

The shadow of highwayman Robert du Bois, who was killed by villagers, is said to lurk at a spot dubbed Fright Corner.

Ghosts are said to stalk the graveyard o pluckley church in Kent, UK.


In Lincolnshire, England, there is a real legend of a ghost that haunts the woods. For centuries parents have scared their children with stories of the spectre known as the ‘Black Lady of Bradley Woods’. Witnesses of the unnerving vision in the woods near Grimsby, usually describe her as about 5ft 6in and dressed in a black cloak and hood. All that can be seen of her body is a pale, tea-soaked face.

Just this year the tale was ressurrected after two young women, Kirsty Richie and cousin Nicole Nelson had visited the adjoining Dixon Woods. The pair both keen photographers, had been taking pictures and selfies. When Kirsty, 21, got home she noticed strange figures in some of the images. She said “It is really spooky. I do not have a clue what it can be. I don’t believe in ghosts but what else could it be? No-one else was there, it was just us two.”

 Kirsty Richie and cousin Nicole Nelson had visited the adjoining Dixon Woods.


A photograph taken by a Reverend RS Blance at a location called Corroborre Rock near Alice Springs in the remote Northern Territory. The photo seemed to show a female figure wearing a long white gown and looking out from behind the scrub. Intriguingly, the site was a place where the indigenous Aborigines had once held ceremonies.

When Mary Andrews took a photograph of her daughters grave in Queensland, Australia, in 1947, Mary did not notice anything unusual. When the grieving mother had the film developed she was mystified to see the ghostly image of a young girl sitting on top of the grave at the cemetery in Gatton. Mary insisted that the image in the picture wasn’t that of her daughter Joyce, who had died at the age of 17 in 1945.

When paranormal researcher Tony Healy visited the cemetery in Gatton in the late 1990’s to find out what might explain the mystery, he found that near to Joyce’s grave there were graves of two infant girls.

A photograph taken by a Reverend RS Blance at a location called Corroborre Rock.


On December 23, 1998, a security camera at a Victorian mansion in Leicester, United Kingdom, captured something out of the ordinary. At 4.50am what seemed to be a tall white figure, possible wearing Victorian style dress could be seen in the gardens of the house. It appeared for just a few seconds and then simply vanished.

It wasn’t the first time that ghosts had been seen at the property, which hasn’t been occupied since 1936 and is now a museum. Over the years other witnesses described seeing a grey or green lady prowling around. Some believe that the security footage could have been another sighting of the spirit of Charlotte Ellis, who has a previous resident of Belgrave Hall. Visitors have described being produced by an unseen figure, while members of the museum staff have told of strange shadows and smelling fresh baked bread and gingerbread when on-one is cooking.

Experts investigated the images and there were suggestions that they could have been caused by an oak leaf blowing on to the camera. However, the hall’s reputation for the supernatural has not gone away.

At 4.50am at Belgrave Hall, what seemed to be a tall white figure, possible wearing Victorian style dress could be seen in the gardens of the house. It appeared for just a few seconds and then simply vanished.


In the Northumberland town of Hexam in February 1972 two brothers, Colin and Leslie Robson, dug up something strange while weeding their parents’ garden in the town. They had unknowingly ressurected the stories of bizarre creatures at large in the area. The youngsters had come across two spooky-looking stone heads, each a few inches high.

It appeared they had come across some ancient relics, which were perhaps 1,800 years old. Over the next few days the heads started to mysteriously move around the house. Ellen Dodd, the Robson’s neighbor , experienced a terrifying encounter after seeing something that she described half-man, half-animal figure enter her bedroom. She said that she then saw it “paddling down the stairs as if on its hinds legs” before leaving the house.

The heads were passed to an expert in Celtic artefacts, Dr Anne Ross, who pronounced them to be genuinely old. Later, she was said to have woken up and seen a wolf-like creature walking out of her room. She chased it but the apparition disappeared. Her daughter reported that she had seen a similar beast prowling their home.

Dr Ross soon got rid of the heads and they were put into storage at a university. Their origin is still mired in controversy, with some claiming they weren’t ancient but modern fakes. Whatever the truth, the Hexam Heads have since mysteriously disappeared.

The Hexam Heads are mysterious stones in which people in the presence have seen a half-man, half-animal like figure.

Have you ever experienced a supernatural encounter? Or witnessed any of the above for yourself? If so we would love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments box provided below!

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