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The Levenger Tapes Review

The ‘Levenger Tapes’ Review: A Found Footage Film That Should’ve Stuck to One Angle

The Levenger Tapes focuses on the plight of three-college age students, a myriad of bad decisions, and the police detectives trying to track them down. Throughout the film, scenes switch between the t...

Let's Scare Jessica to Death

These Seven Haunted House Movies Are Severely Underrated

Tales of haunted houses and ghost stories make up the oldest and widest subgenre in horror. Before there were any horror films, there were ghost stories. Long before Shirley Jackson wrote The Haunting...

The Amityville house.

Doomed Domiciles: Horror Houses to Avoid at All Costs

Moving into your own place is a big step, and it can be scary. Whether you’re buying a house or renting an apartment, it’s a big commitment that requires a lot of consideration. You’ll have to worry a...

Ghosting Gloria Muerto Con Gloria Fantasia Fest 2021 Movie Review

Ghosting Gloria Is A Supernatural Spin On Sex, Romance And The Single Girl [Fantasia 2021 Review]

The titular heroine of Ghosting Gloria/ Muerto Con Gloria’s life certainly isn’t exactly what she expected at thirty years old. Her love of literature has netted her little more than a dem...

The Haunting (1999) Leans More on Looks and Less on Scares [Blu-ray Review]

Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel The Haunting of Hill House has been largely regarded as one of the greatest ghost stories of all time by critics, writers, and filmmakers. Jackson’s novels and short stori...

Ghosted in LA

Ghosted in L.A. Vol One is a Dramedy with Ghosts [Review]

Think teen dramedy with ghosts if you want a thumbnail of what’s in store in Ghosted in L.A. Vol. 1. It collects four issues of an ongoing Boom! BoxTM series created and scripted by Sina Grace (Iceman...

Grave Encounters

Six Baffling, Unexplained Real-Life Paranormal Events

In the age of the Internet it’s easier to be skeptical than ever. That’s fair, too. It doesn’t necessarily mean that people are less open—although there are always some—it just means that everything i...

Wind Chill Review [Rabid Dog’s House]

The Rabid Dog’s House is a recurring feature at Wicked Horror where contributor Justin Steele uncovers hidden gems, lost classics, and overlooked indie offerings. Flying solo or with the occasional gu...


Review: Lavender Is A Cerebral, Suspense-Filled Mystery With More Than Enough Twists And Turns To Satisfy

Lavender revolves around Jane (Abbie Cornish, Limitless, Sucker Punch), a photographer who is involved in a tense marriage with her husband Alan (Diego Klattenhoff, star of TV’s The Blacklist and Paci...

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