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Ten Warning Signs You Probably Missed in Get Out

Get Out

What do movies like Get Out, Cabin in the Woods, Us, The Others, and The Visit have in common (besides being great horror flicks)? They all have shocking and diabolical plot twists.

Like any good film that throws you an unexpected curveball, Jordan Peele‘s Get Out provides several warning signs of what’s to come. If you’ve seen the flick, you know that it delivers one hell of a crazy twist, along with an epic betrayal. With that in mind, we’ve gone back and scoured the picture for clues you likely missed the first time you watched it. Read on for ten warning signs you probably missed in Get Out

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The Deer
When Rose and Chris hit the deer, Chris reacts with empathy, while Rose is devoid of emotion. This is a hint of her sociopathic tendencies. We see more of this later when she is in her room hunting potential victims online while munching on Froot Loops and milk…from separate bowls.

Get Out

The Police
When Rose argues with the cop about Chris showing his ID, she’s actually just trying to avoid any proof or paper trail she was with him or where he last was. You can tell that she is very good at keeping her dirty little family secret under wraps. 

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Get Out

Georgina spills tea when Missy clinks her spoon against her glass. Missy uses the spoon and teacup to hypnotize victims, so the sound briefly triggers Georgina.

Lobotomy Scars
Walter and Logan are always seen wearing hats and Georgina is constantly adjusting her bangs to cover her forehead. Later we learn that this is to hide the lobotomy scars from their brain transfer procedure. 

Get OutThe Party Scene
Everyone at the party is wearing something red, while Chris is wearing blue. This represented his status as an outsider and the “us vs. them” mentality. 

Get OutRose’s Sweater
Since I was six years old and first laid eyes on Freddy Krueger, I’ve never been able to look at red striped sweater the same way again. Horror fans will notice that the red and white striped shirt Rose wears looks similar to Freddy’s. This may or may not have been an intentional sign, but it’s ominous all the same. 

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The Bingo Game
Props to Jordan Peele for turning what looked like an innocent bingo game into something malevolent. The Bingo game at the party was very similar to how slave auctions were conducted. We find out later in the movie that this actually was a silent auction with everyone bidding on Chris.

Get OutWalter
Walter, the caretaker, is often seen sprinting across the lawn. This is because Walter is Rose’s grandfather. He lost to Jesse Owens in the Olympic Qualifiers and never got over it.

Black Mold
Dean tells Chris he can’t show him the basement because there is “black mold” down there. We find out later that the basement actually where they perform their mind to body transfers. 

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Get OutChris’s Smoking Habit:
The Armitage family came down pretty hard on Chris when they find out he smokes. This isn’t necessarily because they care about him and his health, but rather because they want to make sure his body remains healthy and a perfect vessel for its future occupant. 

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