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Creepy Crate Unboxing – April 2019

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We all know that it’s fun to get something in the mail. Maybe it’s even a little more if you don’t really know exactly what you’re getting. For those that love spooky surprises there is a great new subscription box company out there for your needs called Creepy Crate. Brought to you by The Line-Up, Creepy Crate ships its boxes every other month and includes a variety of collectibles, from t-shirts and books, to homewares and accessories – all related to either the horror genre or true crime. Each crate is $39.99 with free shipping, and has an average value of  $85 or more! You can purchase them individually or with a 6 or 12 month subscription.

Creepy Crate is back again with more great collectibles and accessories to help you celebrate all of your macabre joys every day. The April 2019 crate was a bit lighter than previous boxes (which you can read and see more of on this site) but there was still fun to be had inside. Read on to find out what was included!

Conjure Wife by Fritz Leiber in the April 2019 Creepy Crate

For your reading pleasure, this month contained double the fun. First up is a digital download for the witchy novel Conjure Wife by Fritz Leiber. What is wonderful and interesting about the inclusion of this is that this is not a new novel. Leiber was a well-known horror, sci-fi, and fantasy writer beginning in the 1930s, and is one of the fathers of the sword and sorcery genre. Conjure Wife, originally published in 1943, tells the tale of a young college professor studying magic who discovers that his wife is actually a witch and has been using spells on him. He convinces her that it’s not real, but soon learns different for himself. Leiber is an author that I am not familiar with at all yet feel I should be, so this will be a great way to be introduced to his work.

The Collector by Fiona Cummins in the April 2019 Creepy Crate

The next item is a paperback copy of the novel The Collector by Fiona Cummins. This psychological thriller is described as “harrowing and horrifying” – which means I am definitely interested in it. The Collector is about Detective Sergeant Etta Fitzroy (great name) and her hunt for serial killer Brian Howley, from whom she once escaped captivity. Now he has another victim and Fitzroy must follow the clues to find her and stop him. With the back cover description promising a “terrifying twist” to this otherwise familiar tale, I think this will be the perfect to take along with me on my next vacation!

Mini spell book and broom pen in the April 2019 Creepy Crate

A rather spooky and cute addition to the Creepy Crate is this mini spell book and matching broom pen. The black book emblazoned with a pentacle and eye is about three inches tall and contains roughly 50 pages of lined paper for you to write down all your witchy spells – or more likely, your weekly grocery list. The black ink pen resembles a classic witch’s broom. Both are small enough and adorable enough to fit in any purse and always have on hand.

Lavender and sage bath bomb in the April 2019 Creepy Crate

I’m the kind of person that loves a nice, long bath in the evening after working all day so I was stoked to get this awesome bath bomb. It contains the scents of sage (a cleansing herb, according to the Creepy Crate information page) and lavender (a purifying herb). I’ve actually never used a bath bomb before, and these two scents together promise to make a perfect addition to a relaxing bath experience.

Raven and pentacle necklace in the April 2019 Creepy Crate

If you haven’t noticed by now, the trend going on with this month’s box is witches – a theme that works quite well considering this is their thirteenth box. Budding spellcasters can show off their interest in the occult with this beautiful “harbinger of death” necklace. The silver pendant depicts a raven, an important symbol or totem in lore and witchcraft, on top of a pentacle. The matching silver chain is also adjustable.

Blair Witch Project shirt in the April 2019 Creepy Crate

The last Creepy Crate item this month is one that I’m sure horror fans will love. Here we have a t-shirt for the Black Hill Regional Park – and if you don’t remember what that is a reference to, then the symbol in the middle of the logo should tell you. This grey Blair Witch Project-inspired shirt is in the style of those worn by camp counselors, with the black trim on the collar and sleeves. It’s a little something different from the usual black t-shirts the overrun a horror fan’s wardrobe, so while I’m not personally a big fan of the movie, I am definitely a fan of this design!

Thank you, Creepy Crate, you’ve done it again! If you like what you’ve seen here and want to get your own subscription to this fantastic box, head over to Creepy Crate here and sign up now!

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