Christmas – or, perhaps more accurately, Halloween – has come early, folks. YouTuber Stinkhead has just released a mock commercial for the ideal gift for any demonic, Satan-worshipping child (or full-grown adult): a playset based on The Witch.

Robert Eggers’ period-set horror movie has divided horror fans. Certain factions denounced it as not ‘real’ horror, while others are drooling over its creepy, intense atmosphere and slow-burning scares (we loved it – check out our 8/10 review here).

The featured play-set includes the whole family and scene-stealer Black Philip, so you can recreate your favourite moments from the movie.

Designed Playmobil-style (here called ‘Blairmobil’ in a sweet nod, presumably, to another famous witch movie) the set is spooky-cute style, à la Roman Dirge’s Lenore.

Check out the sweet, and very funny, little commercial for yourself below. And remember, it’s not too early to start making those Satan – oops, Santa – lists.


Catch The Witch in theatres now. UK readers can see it from March 11th