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You're Next - Sharni Vinson

The Best of Horror Movie Marketing Campaigns

For a horror movie that may not have the biggest budget or the widest release, marketing can be everything. It can make or break a movie. It’s what makes people aware of the film. However good or...

Director Randy Ser Talks the Making of Cruiser and Looks Back on Darkman [Exclusive]

What do Sam Raimi’s Darkman and Gravitas Ventures’ newly-released horror flick, Cruiser have in common? Randy Ser. Randy served as the production designer on Darkman when Raimi’s career was first star...

Ti West's The Sacrament.

Five Movies That Didn’t Need to be Shot as Found Footage

Found footage can be traced back a long time, at least to Cannibal Holocaust in 1980. It was The Blair Witch Project that really made the concept popular, especially in the horror genre, yet it took a...

The Levenger Tapes

The Levenger Tapes Is A Found Footage Film That Should Have Stuck To One Angle

The Levenger Tapes focuses on the plight of three-college age students, a myriad of bad decisions, and the police detectives trying to track them down. Throughout the film, scenes switch between the t...

ARG Alternative Reality Games

Exploring The Wonderful World of Alternative Reality Games, Part 1

Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, and Sonic.exe are all well-known creepypastas, “horror-related legends or images that have been copied and pasted around the Internet. These Internet entries are often bri...

The Evil Dead

Non-Found Footage Microbudget Movies That Prove Anyone Can Do It

Scary as the industry is now, this is the golden age of being able to make a movie. Anyone can do it. The scary part is distribution and profit, both of which are in some ways harder than ever. Still,...

Ten Found Footage Films that Redefined the Genre - The Blair Witch Project

Eduardo Sanchez and Blair Witch Fans Petition LionsGate for Extended Cut of Blair Witch Project

In a recent chat with the Found Footage Files podcast, Blair Witch Project director Eduardo Sanchez opened up about the infamous 19-hours of unused footage from the film. Fans have long been clamoring...

Frightfest 2016 Review: Found Footage 3D

It takes a brave-ass movie to nod to both 3D and found footage (two things movie fans at large, never mind horror aficionados in particular, are utterly sick of) in its title. Even braver to favourabl...

Blair Witch - The Woods

New Blair Witch Trailer is Unbearably Tense!

With the September 16th date release drawing near, we are beginning to see more and more promotional material for Blair Witch released. Today brings a new trailer. And it is terribly intense. Check it...

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