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Bailey Noble on the Martyrs Remake [Exclusive Interview]

Martyrs - Kevin Goetz - Bailey Noble

Wicked Horror spoke with Bailey Noble (True Blood) about her role in the remake of Pascal Laugier’s French Extremity shocker Martyrs. We touched on the grueling shoot, the physical and mental toll the role took on her, and we also got her perspective on how she thinks fans of the original will react to the remake.

Martyrs will see a limited theatrical and VOD release January 22, 2016. It is directed by The Goetz Brothers (Scenic Route). Click here for our exclusive interview with co-director Kevin Goetz.

Martyrs tells the story of Lucie (Troian Bellisario), a young girl who was beaten and tortured by a sadistic family years prior. Lucie sets out to track down the family years later and is eventually joined by her friend Anna (Bailey Noble). Lucie exacts brutal revenge but things quickly take a turn for the bizarre when the girls encounter a group of fanatics looking for answers through highly unconventional methods.

Wicked Horror: Martyrs seems like it must have been a very demanding role, both physically and mentally. Which would you say took a greater toll on you, the physical demands of the film or the mental and emotional?

Bailey Noble: They were both so draining, emotionally and physically. When you are drained emotionally, that effects you physically, so both.


Wicked Horror: One of my contributors interviewed Kevin [Goetz] at the LA premiere for the film and he mentioned that you guys had shot in just over two weeks. What was your average shoot day like? Were you shooting sixteen or eighteen hour days?

Bailey Noble: We were shooting sixteen hour days. We had a couple night shoots. Yeah. Just nonstop, all day every day.

Wicked Horror: It’s emotionally taxing as a viewer to watch everything your character goes through. Was it as tough to make as it is to watch?

Bailey Noble: I think so. We shot the film in 17 days. And we worked really hard, long days during that time period. So, it was exhausting and the material is crazy.

Wicked Horror: I’m sure that everyone you talk to today will ask you this question but I have to ask: Did you see the original film prior to shooting the remake?

Bailey Noble: I hadn’t seen the original till I booked our version of it. And then I watched it. I had a hard time. My iTunes wasn’t working so I called Wal-Mart and asked if they had the film Martyrs. And they told me that it is one of the most horrific films ever made and they do not carry it. So, that was funny. But then I ended up watching it through a very technical eye. Yeah, I enjoyed it.

Martyrs Bailey NobleWicked Horror: How do you think having seen the original beforehand informed your performance?

Bailey Noble: I think it was good to see what they did but I tried not to let it effect my performance too much because I wanted to find new pathways for my character and wanted to make her my own.

Wicked Horror: How do you expect fans of the original will react to the remake?

Bailey Noble: I hope that they can look at it as more of a reimagining than a remake. I know the fans are very in love with the original version–and they should be. It’s a great film. I think they should watch our version of it with a set of open eyes.

Wicked Horror: I was able to do that and I enjoyed it. I think it serves more like a companion piece than a straight remake. And I appreciated that. I didn’t want to just see a rehash of the original. That would be a little pointless.

Bailey Noble: Yeah. For sure.

Wicked Horror: Well, that’s all I’ve got. Thanks so much for chatting with us. I enjoyed the film and enjoyed getting to chat with you.

Bailey Noble: Thank you so much!

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