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Frightfest 2015 Interview: Michael McElhatton

Esteemed Irish actor Michael McElhatton took time out of his busy scheduled to speak with Wicked Horror’s Joey Keogh about his involvement with The Hallow at Frightfest 2015. He opened up about his role in the film, the production process, the vibe on set, working with director Corin Hardy, and why the picture has already created so much positive buzz! (Click here for our FrightFest interview with the film’s director Corin Hardy).

The Hallow is the hugely-anticipated debut feature from writer-director, and SFX obsessive, Corin Hardy that is destined to be one of the breakout horror movies of the year. The film stars Joseph Mawle and Bojana Novakovic as a couple who, upon moving to the scenic west of Ireland, find themselves at the mercy of all manner of tree-dwelling beasties, realised in the gooiest practical effects.

In addition to McElhatton, the film also stars Joseph Mawle, Bojana Novakovic, and Gary Lydon. In addition to directing, Hardy also cowrote the screenplay with Felipe Marino.

Stay tuned to Wicked Horror for the latest horror news and more must-watch interviews from Frightfest 2015, along with reviews of some of this year’s most anticipated movies.

Interview conducted by: Joey Keogh
Filming and editing: Richard Waters

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