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Frightfest 2017 Interview: Adam Green and Kane Hodder Talk Victor Crowley

Kane Hodder - Jennifer Tilly

Right before Frightfest 2017 took over Leicester Square in London, fan-favourite genre filmmaker Adam Green shocked the world by unveiling a brand-new, fourth movie in the Hatchet franchise entitled Victor Crowley that, up until that very moment, nobody knew even existed.

Hatchet fans were stoked to check out the slated tenth anniversary cut at the festival regardless (just me?), but once we knew what we were really in for, anticipation was understandably sky-high.

Usually, I use this space to sell you guys on the movie before you watch the interview below. In this case, that hardly seems necessary, or fair. Suffice to say, if you’re a Hatchet fan then Victor Crowley is definitely for you. It’s hilarious, gory as hell and manages to walk a fine line between catering to fans without succumbing to mindless fan service.

Green is, understandably, trying to keep all plot details under wraps to preserve the surprise as he tours the movie around the country. So you won’t be getting anything from me.

Victor Crowley stars Parry Shen (Hatchet), Laura Ortiz (TV’s Holliston), Horror Icons Tiffany Sheppis and Felissa Rose and Brian “Q” Quinn of Impractical Jokers fame. Check out our review of the movie here.

Wicked Horror caught up with Green and the legendary Kane Hodder, who returns to the role of the titular killer in the fourth installment, to talk surprise hits, being nerds and the longevity of this little slasher that could.

Interview conducted by: Joey Keogh
Camera: Richard Waters
Editing: Richard Waters

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