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New on Netflix is a weekly feature appearing every Friday, listing all of the week’s newest genre film related additions to everyone’s favorite streaming service–and just in time for the weekend!  So pop some popcorn, crack open a few beers, dim the lights, and kill a few hours in Wicked Horror style.

Hayride 2 (2015)

“Adding another chapter to his grisly career, murderous psychopath Pitchfork begins his next rampage in the ambulance carrying away survivors from his last — the bloody attack on Captain Morgan’s Hayride in this movie’s predecessor.” – Hopefully you’ve already seen the first entry, because it’s not available to stream on Netflix.

Poster detail from Hayride 2.

The Animatrix (2003)

“Straight from the creators of the groundbreaking Matrix trilogy, this collection of short animated films from the world’s leading anime directors fuses computer graphics and Japanese anime to provide the background of the Matrix universe and the conflict between man and machines. The shorts include Final Flight of the Osiris, The Second Renaissance, Kid’s Story, Program, World Record, Beyond, A Detective Story and Matriculated.” – It’s Liquid Television meets The Matrix.

Animated scene from 2003's Animatrix.Assassins (1995)

“Veteran hit man Robert Rath is looking to get out of the business when he meets young, eager competitor Miguel Bain, who has Rath at the top of his “to do” list. Rath takes one last job, but complications ensue when he falls in love with his mark.” – Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas, kicking ass like action stars.

Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas in 1995's Assassins.Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

“When a 2,000-year-old magician kidnaps his friend’s fiancée, two-fisted trucker Jack Burton and sexy attorney Gracie Law must navigate a shadowy world filled with supernatural creatures and spectacular action to capture the culprit.” – One of the most iconic films of the 1980s is finally available to stream. Get nostalgic!

Poster detail from Big Trouble in Little China.Blue Velvet (1986)

“In this surreal independent thriller from writer-director David Lynch, an innocent man gets mixed up in a small-town murder mystery involving a kinky nightclub chanteuse and a kidnapper with a penchant for snorting helium.” – Already burned through the entire Twin Peaks catalogue in preparation for the upcoming new season? No worries, just watch Blue Velvet!

Kyle MacLachlan is suspicious in Blue Velvet.Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College (1991)

“An occult-obsessed professor brings a group of young demons to his college campus, where they cause mayhem during fraternity Hell Week.” – Because the one problem with the Ghoulies is that they simply weren’t educated.

Fratboy ghoulies from Ghoulies 3: Ghoulies Go to College.The Human Centipede 2 (2011)

“A disturbed loner is so obsessed with the shocking horror film The Human Centipede that he decides to replicate the movie’s grisly experiment. In this metasequel, the stakes are raised as 12 unlucky souls endure surgical hell.” – The original is also available to stream, so get caught up before part 3 releases.

One twisted fan from Human Centipede 2.In Dreams (1999)

“Claire Cooper’s peaceful family life takes a chilling turn when a mysterious serial killer invades her seemingly idyllic New England town and starts haunting her dreams with dark clues to his next deadly moves.” – It’s Iron Man, pulling a Freddy Krueger. How can you not want to watch?

Robert Downey Jr. getting creepy in 1999's In Dreams.Joy Ride 3: Roadkill (2014)

“In this chapter of the blood-spattered franchise, deranged vigilante Rusty Nail returns to bring more terror to the roadways as he declares war on a group of unsuspecting street racers who stray into his path.” – I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…From the director of Sharktopus!

Getting tortured by Rusty Nail in Joy Ride 3: Roadkill.Kiss of Death (1995)

“An ex-con tries to distance himself from his past but reluctantly agrees to help his loser cousin with one last heist that goes terribly wrong. Now, all he can do is play the pawn in a police plot to bring down a psychotic gangster.” – With an all-star cast that includes Nicolas Cage, Samuel L. Jackson, David Caruso, and Helen Hunt.

Poster detail from 1995's Kiss of Death.Payback (1999)

“A career criminal’s wife and former partner steal the money he lifted from the Chinese triads, shoot him and leave him for dead — or so they think. But five months later, he’s back and ready to exact his revenge.” – Mel Gibson at his most badass.

Mel Gibson gets badass in 1999's Payback.Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990)

“In this feature spinoff of the creepy television anthology, psycho chef Betty plans to cook a little boy. The crafty tyke, however, stalls the violence by distracting Betty with three tales of terror.” – The CW may have canceled plans for their reboot of the franchise, but we still have this!

Demon from Tales From the Darkside: The Movie.Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994)

“Freddy’s back and he’s badder than ever! Nancy, the historical nemesis of the man with the satanic snarl and pitchfork fingers, discovers that a new monstrous demon has taken on Freddy’s persona. Can Nancy stop this new threat in time to save her son? Nightmare director Wes Craven and Langenkamp also play themselves in this final installment of a horror classic.” – Get meta with the master of nightmares.

Updated Freddy Krueger from Wes Craven's New Nightmare.The Mirror (2014)

“Police footage unveils events behind a chilling story circulating on social media about three friends who bought an allegedly haunted mirror on eBay.” – I’ve heard this referred to as a Found Footage version of Occulus. How much that appeals to you will depend greatly on your enjoyment of those two things.

Still photo from 2014's Mirror.

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