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French Anthology Horror Film 3:15 AM is Coming in 2015

movie poster art for 3 AM.

8 Directors. 7 Tapes. No Way Out.

French film production company Fright House Pictures and director/producer Fabien Delage are putting together the very first French found footage anthology!

3:15 AM will feature seven, 15 minute stories directed by eight different directors. The teams have already started shooting and Fright House Pictures is planning on a DTV release in France and North America in 2015.

Read on below for a brief synopsis on the shorts and what we can expect from this upcoming anthology feature.

The Abomination Ring

Directed by Nicolas Delage, The Abomination Ring, see’s a group of teenagers decide to shoot a film in a forbidden area. During the shooting they witness some unsettling events and soon realize that something else is with them.

Beyond Darkness

Directed by Guillaume Creis, Beyond Darkness, captures a group of people visiting a ghost town at night who unearth something that will change their lives forever.

The Grove

Directed by Fabien Delage, The Grove, brings us to the US. Two French hikers get lost in the forest as they search for the trail of Bigfoot. They soon wish they had stayed well away as they are met with their scariest encounter yet.


Directed by Vincent Lecrocq, Invasion, is about a couple that decide to make a sextape. As they get down to business, suddenly, the power goes out, and it seems that the horny couple are no longer alone in their home.

Take Cover

Directed by David Thillault, Take Cover, brings us to the exploration of a supposedly haunted orphanage. When a ghost hunter crew picks up some strong supernatural signals, they are powerless to stop its destruction. They soon realize it’s too late to go back now.  

The Wandering Soul

Directed by Frédéric Gros & Sabrina Kerrar, The Wandering Soul, is about a man who goes in search of the spirit of his dead wife. She was taken by something or someone at 3:15 am. When the husband shoots a testimony-style video to help put the pieces together, he finds himself stuck between two worlds. 

The Woman in the Attic

Directed by Evelyne Phan, The Woman in the Attic, is about a young Chinese woman who comes back to meet her family in France for New Year’s Eve. A terrible secret is tormenting her relatives and as she confronts them and captures their testimonies on tape, she is met with a living nightmare.

For French horror cinema, the future looks awesomely grim!

3:15 am introduces a new generation of talented indie French film makers and we will keep you updated as more news comes in.

Check out 3:15 am’s first promotional movie poster below.

the new french anthology feature set to be released in 2015 with 8 independent directors.

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