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5 Underrated Found Footage Films That Need to be Discovered

5 Underrated Found Footage Films

Found footage films often go overlooked by the masses. While some of the offerings of the oft-maligned subgenre manage to build a following over time, some remain under-seen and deserve to be discovered. Each film on this list offers something truly unique in the arena of documentary style horror. Curious? Take a look for yourself, if you dare.

Willow Creek 

Written and Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. Willow Creek follows Bigfoot enthusiast Jim (Bryce Johnson) on his trip to the famed location of an early Sasquatch sighting. Together with his girlfriend Kelly (Alexie Gilmore), the couple encounter bizarre occurrences, strange sounds, and unfriendly locals. Viewers are likely to connect with the story of finding evidence of the legendary monster. The film slowly builds into an atmospheric nightmare as the main characters get far more than that which they had bargained for.   

Willow Creek

The Tunnel 

An investigative journalist and her team venture into abandoned train tunnels. The story takes place below the city of Sidney, Australia. Seeking a big break in unraveling a possible government conspiracy, the team seek answers to reported disappearances around the area. The team soon discovers something is lurking in the darkness. The Tunnel builds suspense and immersion early on by building on the mystery of the creepy tunnels. Everything culminates in the unsettling and unforgettable final moment of the film. 

5 Underrated Found Footage Films


Savageland may be the most unique film of the found footage genre. The film tells the story of a border town in Arizona. In one night, the entire city is massacred, save for a lone survivor who escapes. The local authorities become suspicious of said survivor, and he is promptly charged with the murders of every deceased resident. However, this survivor documented everything with his camera. This film tells its story with a mix of true crime reporting and documentary filmmaking and via the roll of film taken from the camera. I won’t spoil what’s on that film. But Savageland is a flick that should be seen by any horror fan. It builds interest and dread with each testimonial and still frame presented. 

5 Underrated Found Footage Films

Hell House LLC 

Hell House LLC tells the tale of a group of friends looking to open a haunted house on the night of Halloween. The group has acquired an abandoned hotel with a shady past. The film combines interviews, news footage, and found footage. We watch as evil makes its presence known. Eventually, everything leads to a horrifying conclusion, as the evil presence built a different type of haunted house. Hell House has garnered a bit of a cult following. Even giving way to two sequels, and a director’s cut of the original. However, it still remains fairly under-seen by the masses. 

As Above So Below 

A rogue archaeologist and her team journey below the Paris catacombs. The characters are seeking personal redemption and the fabled philosopher’s stone. Once below the streets of Paris, As Above So Below capitalizes on the claustrophobic environment. The story is told from the perspectives of each character’s personal camera. As the group ventures farther into the caverns, they observe unexplainable phenomena. Soon, the group discovers they are facing personal traumas made real. One by one, each character is tested emotionally and physically. Revealing that the group might be closer to hell than any of them realizes. 

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