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Bruce Campbell Wants to Make an Expendables-Style Horror Film!

Bruce Campbell. Ash (Bruce Campbell) with his boomstick in Sam Raimi's epic cult favorite horror film Army of Darkness.

In a recent interview with MovieWeb, Bruce Campbell touched on his desire to make a film starring an ensemble cast of horror icons. The idea dates back over five years. He first expressed interest in such a concept as a sequel to the film My Name is Bruce. And that idea eventually became Bruce vs. Frankenstein but after no activity on the project for some time, we thought it to be dead in the water. However, Campbell has not given up on the idea of a film where he collaborates with fellow horror icons to stop a threat against humanity. He even has a script written.

When the outlet asked him where he stood on the idea of an ensemble horror film, he said the following: “Yeah! Never say never. I have a script that I’m working on that would pretty much be that. It’s not ready to share at this point. It’s in the pipeline I guess you could say. I’ve always wanted to do the Expendables of Horror type movie. Because I always run into all my horror buddies at conventions. It would be fun to do a movie that pretty much has all of them in it.”

With Campbell set to star in Ash vs. Evil Dead this is probably a ways off from even being a distant possibility but it’s nice to know that the actor is still open to the idea and actively working on a screenplay.

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