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Brzrkr brings Keanu Reeves-Brand Action to Comics [Review]

Keanu Reeves-created Brzrkr

The John Wick films take comicbook-style action to the big screen. Brzrkr, a new comics title created by Keanu Reeves, who co-authors issue one with Matt Kindt (Dept. H), brings it back around.

The stoic protagonist of this new series from Boom has the Keanu look. We meet him, grim and impassive with his long black hair plastered to his features, as he waits on a bench in a downpour. It’s time for a mission.

Launching into it doesn’t take long, and an impressive action sequence unfolds in dynamic art from Ron Garney (JLA). The movie-like flow keeps pages turning through parachute jumps, other impressive feats, gun battles and gore.

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The package here is deftly put together. This is not just a picture book of violence. Carefully paced narration lets us know there’s more going on in this story, and there’s more to the lead character than superb abilities.


There’s a hint of Wolverine-style longevity, or maybe a comparison to the Highlander franchise or even Jerome Bixby’s Man on Earth is more appropriate. That means an intriguing spiritual underpinning for an action series.

The storyline dangles a tantalizing thread that promises to carry forward in future issues, and it’s a flourish that adds weight to the visual extravaganza.

To me, it’s kind of a perfect blend of action and substance, and while some features are familiar, it’s all engaging enough to make checking out the continuation with high expectations for the possibilities storywise and visually as well.

Colors by Bill Crabtree are worth a mention also. Varying tones set the mood for set pieces ranging from hot oranges to cool aquas.

Brzrkr is a tight package with variant covers and other purchase possibilities for enthusiasts as well.

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