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These Freaky Snapchat Faceswaps Will Keep You Up at Night

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Snapchat currently rivals big-hitters like Twitter and Facebook as the go-to social media tool for lazy teenagers, and bored adults who should know better. Millions of photos are sent and received every day on the service, a large portion of which utilise the tool’s super-popular Faceswap gadget. The gadget allows users to swap their faces with those of their family, friends, pets–even celebrities in certain, hilarious, cases.

But it’s not all fun and games as, now, website Thug Lifer has gathered together ten of the creepiest Faceswaps ever to grace Snapchat, in a list sure to give you nightmares for weeks.

Standouts include:

Snapchat daddy daughter

This terrifying moment of daddy-daughter bonding that will hopefully never be discovered once this poor kid comes of age.

Snapchat tracheotomyThis lady, who couldn’t find anyone besides her own neck to swap with

Snapchat kittyA man who loves his cat so much, he’s willing to give it his soul

Snapchat starbucksStarbucks demon lady

And last, but certainly not least…

Snaptchat coupleThe couple who swaps together, stays together. Apparently.

Check out the full list in all their terrifying glory on Thug Lifer. And stay snap happy, whatever you do.

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