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Eight New Fright Rags Designs Unveiled

New Fright Rags Designs
New Fright Rags Designs

We reported last week that genre film T-Shirt designer Fright Rags had unveiled a series of new selections via their website. And they are back with more this week. The site has just put up eight new options for pre-order. The latest Fright Rags designs include tributes to classic horror films like The Omen, Friday the 13th, and Rosemary’s Baby. There is also a new T-Shirt offering that features a sendup to The Raimi Brothers. Take a look at three of our favorites after the jump. 

If you head over there to check out the new designs, the site has some pretty significant markdowns on some of their older items, as well. So give those a look!

According to the site, any items that are pre-ordered now will ship in the first part of October. As per usual, only a limited number or each design will be manufactured and when they sell out, the designs are retired unless they are voted out of the graveyard and back into production. So if you see something you like, pick it up before it’s gone.

Fright Rags was founded in 2003 with a commitment to quality and a mission to bring you the best horror-themed designs around. They silk screen each design by hand and offer buyers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Since the launch of the brand over ten years ago, Fright Rags has amassed a loyal clientele and continue to bring awesome T-Shirt designs to life.


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