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Even More Scooby Doo Crossovers Unleashed!

Scooby and Shaggy meet Elvira in this Travis Falligant mashup.
Scooby Doo meets Elvira.

Freelance graphic artist Travis Falligant has won us over through a series of awesome crossovers that see Scooby Doo and the gang introduced to classic and contemporary horror villains alike. Falligant is back with another round of mashups and we have all five of his latest Scooby Doo crossovers for you inside. 

This time Falligant has Scooby Doo and friends meeting the killer from The Slumber Party MassacreElvira, Ben Willis from I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Dr Giggles from Dr. Giggles. To show our appreciation and help spread the word about Travis Falligant and his creations we are sharing this latest round of his animations. All of the above images are courtesy of Travis Falligant and IBTrav Illustrations & Design.

Travis Falligant is a freelance graphic illustrator from Roanoke, Virginia. He has brought to life a series of animations and gifs that simultaneously lampoon and embrace all different types of pop culture. Some of his designs have been transposed onto bedsheets, comforters, T-Shirts, and more and can be purchased via his online store. Others recreate classic scenes from ’80s movies via gif-style animation with the original audio. His illustrations have caught the eye of several entertainment websites, genre film director Rob Zombie, and even Child’s Play franchise co-creator Don Mancini. Falligant has been sharing his designs via his professional Facebook Page.

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Written by Tyler Doupé
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