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Dr. Giggles Isn’t As Bad as You Remember: Here’s Why [Editorial]

Sure, Dr. Giggles is far from perfect but one must stop to consider that it came out at a time when the horror genre was at an all-time low. Studio horror pictures were at a staggering halt; the indep...

Bidding Adieu to the Good Doctor: Remembering Larry Drake

We keep losing major, major genre icons. 2015 was brutal and 2016 does not seem to be shaping up to be any more kind. And while he may not have the star power of Christopher Lee or Wes Craven, even am...

Scooby and Shaggy meet Elvira in this Travis Falligant mashup.

Even More Scooby Doo Crossovers Unleashed!

Freelance graphic artist Travis Falligant has won us over through a series of awesome crossovers that see Scooby Doo and the gang introduced to classic and contemporary horror villains alike. Falligan...