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Exciting New Trailer For Vampyr Released!

Vampyr is a forthcoming game from the French development company Dontnod Entertainment, who have previously put out the hit Life is Strange. The story centers on Jonathan Reid, a doctor turned vampire who has to deal with the fact he needs blood to survive, but has also taken a vow to help the injured. Crawling through the streets of Industrial Age London, the player must make the choice as to whether Reid gives into his new monstrous nature or remains celibate of human blood.

Vampyr 2

First announced at E3, the newly-released trailer for Vampyr should get both RPG gamers and history fans excited. The research for the environment is partially fictional, but has real landmarks and buildings that could be found in London during 1918. During this time, London was facing the infamous Spanish flu pandemic, hence where Dr. Reid finds himself amidst the sick, fighting his urge to kill. This new trailer not only shows off the historical location, but also the duality of Dr. Reid’s paradoxical existence. Check it out for yourself right here!

Stay tuned to Wicked Horror for updates on Vampyr, which will be released in 2017

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