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Godzilla: King Of Monsters Is On The Way

Godzilla 1954

If you’re getting sick of waiting around for Kong: Skull Island to arrive in theaters, fear not as his old sparring buddy Godzilla is ready to return to theaters sooner than you think.

Hot on the, er, scales of Shin Godzilla, it’s just been revealed that everybody’s favourite Kaiju is set to stomp our way once again in the hugely-anticipated Godzilla: King Of Monsters. 

The sequel to Gareth Edwards popular (and criminally underrated) 2014 reboot Godzilla snared Michael Dougherty (Krampus, Trick ‘r’ Treat) as director earlier this year, delighting horror fans in particular (the man demonstrably knows his way around a creature feature).

And now, we have a scheduled release date and a shooting time-frame to drool over in the meantime. Omega Underground notes that Legendary Pictures are reportedly scheduling for shooting to begin on the movie in Atlanta, Georgia on June 19th.

The flick is aiming for a March 22, 2018 release date, but this will be confirmed for definite a bit closer to the time.

Dougherty is co-writing the movie, while Eleven herself, Stranger Things breakout Brit newcomer Millie Bobby Brown, is slated to star.

Stay tuned to Wicked Horror for all the details on Godzilla: King Of Monsters as they become available.


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